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How to Publish Your Music: A DIY Musician’s Guide

How to Publish Your Music: A DIY Musician’s Guide Mykhaylo Kandel
How to Publish Your Music: A DIY Musician’s Guide Mykhaylo Kandel


Hey music makers and shakers! Ready to take the reins and self-publish your music? In this digital era, it’s all about DIY, and I’m here to walk you through it, from fine-tuning your tracks to making them available worldwide. Let’s dive in and turn your musical dreams into reality.

Why Self-Publishing is a Game Changer:

Creating unique and captivating music is just the start. To make money from your songs, consider starting your own publishing company. This move is popular among many major artists for reasons like tax benefits and liability protection. When lawsuits hit, for example, they can only target the company’s assets, keeping your personal assets safe.

The Legal How-To:

Ready to set up your own publishing company? It involves some paperwork and patience but it’s doable. You’ll need to file a Fictitious Name Statement or set up a corporation or LLC. This legal step is essential for opening bank accounts and ensuring your royalties are properly assigned to you. For more information on setting up your own LLC, Forbes Adviser offers comprehensive guidance.

After getting the legal stuff settled, we can get back to music publishing.

Step 1: Perfect Your Tracks

First things first, your music needs to be top-notch. Consider investing in professional mixing and mastering services to elevate your sound. Remember, first impressions count, especially in the music world.

Step 3: Choosing a Distribution Platform

To get your music out there, you’ll need a reliable distribution platform. DistroKid is an excellent choice for getting your music on all major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and more. Another great option is Bandcamp, which is perfect for directly engaging with your fanbase and selling your music. On Bandcamp, you can not only sell your music files to fans but also Merch and physical records.

Step 4: Getting the Word Out

Promotion is key. Use social media, join online communities like SoundCloud or Bandcamp, and consider joining composer organizations for networking and promotion. If you’ve got the budget, a publicist can work wonders in building your fanbase – you can find those through Twitter or Instagram. The music game is hard, there is no easy way – just keep grinding. There are a ton of resources on TikTok and YouTube on how to promote your music and make a proper marketing plan.

Step 5: Register with a PRO

Don’t miss out on royalties. Join a Performance Rights Organization like ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC to ensure you’re compensated whenever your music is played. I use GEMA. It is awesome because you can collect your royalties on sync licenses from TV, live performances, and radio plays.

Step 6: Get ISRCs for Your Songs

International Standard Recording Codes (ISRCs) help track your music’s plays and sales. Most distribution services, including DistroKid, provide these essential codes. You will get your ISRCS after uploading your song to the service. You can use this to collect your recording royalties.

Step 6: Nail Your Album Art

Your album art should be as compelling as your music. Whether you’re designing it yourself or seeking a talented artist, ensure it captures the essence of your sound. If you’re looking for talented designers, feel free to contact me for recommendations. If you are looking for an easy solution: Make an Album Cover Easily.

Step 7: Marketing and Release Plan

Developing a solid marketing and release plan is key. Consider releasing a single monthly or adopting a strategy like Doja Cat’s pre-fame schedule of two tracks a month. Consistency keeps your audience engaged.

Step 8: Keep the Music Flowing

The music industry loves fresh tunes. Keep writing, recording, and releasing. Stay dedicated, and your audience will grow with you. Feel free to check my beats for new fresh sounds.


Publishing your music independently is an empowering journey. With the right tools and a bit of grit, you can share your sound with the world on your terms. Remember, every big name starts somewhere, and with platforms like DistroKid and Bandcamp, your music has the potential to reach global ears.

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