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Mykhaylo 40 by Ellinor Brandenberg


Welcome to the vibrant world of Mykhaylo Aushev, your go-to source for unique, high-quality beats. As a Ukraine-born, Germany-based music producer, Mykhaylo specializes in crafting unique soundscapes that effortlessly blend elements of happy Pop, Hip Hop, Indie Rock and House music.

Searching for the perfect pop beat for your next project? Look no further. Mykhaylo’s beats store is a goldmine for artists seeking pop beats that are not just musically satisfying, but also capable of setting them apart in the bustling music scene. His beats are infused with the spirit of pop music, featuring inventive rhythms, creative instrumentation, and an unmistakable character that is the trademark of true pop sound.

Each beat in Mykhaylo’s collection tells a story, from the energy-driven tracks echoing with robust ’80s synths, to the more mellow and introspective pieces that touch the soul. All beats are crafted with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring they are ready-to-use and can easily be integrated into any project.

Mykhaylo’s work has been the backbone of numerous great tracks, showcasing a versatility with various musical styles. Not just limited to pop, his wide array of beats cater to a variety of genres, offering artists the freedom to choose the one that best aligns with their unique musical vision.

In addition to pop beats, Mykhaylo’s discography also includes full-fledged musical compositions that spread love, positivity, and good vibes. With releases such as the lively “Bamboo Tree” and the soul-stirring “Save Your Soul,” Mykhaylo continues to spread his infectious energy through the universal language of music.

So, whether you’re an artist looking to buy pop beats, or someone in search of a unique musical experience, delve into the world of Mykhaylo Aushev. Here, every beat is a joyous celebration of sound, meticulously crafted to give you a sonic experience like no other. Welcome, and enjoy the rhythm!


Mykhaylo Radio Red by Lisenka Kandel
Mykhaylo 31 by Ellinor Brandenberg
Mykhaylo Aushev by Mario Schmitt

I am a music producer based in Germany. I produce happy pop music with elements of hip hop and indie rock and I sell beats.


Mykhaylo Qualle by Lisenka Kandel
Mykhaylo Ferrari Blue by Lisenka Kandel

Fast Story

I am a Ukrainian-born Artist and Music Producer, based in Germany, Würzburg. My music sounds like heaven went nuts for a while to have a good bit of fun. 

My  sound makes you move your body and gently swing while taking pleasant sip of fine wine, or go crazy – you decide.

I make pop. At the same time, my music includes elements of Hip Hop and indie rock. Some 80s synths are there too to accompany your fancy vibes.

My music aims to spread love, positivity and give you a good time. I wish you all the best!

Mykhaylo 45 by Ellinor Brandenberg
Mykhaylo 53 by Ellinor Brandenberg


Mixing and Mastering
Savanna Skean Paint Me Black, Save Me, Composed by Mykhaylo Aushev
Writing & Composing "Save me"
Co-writer, Singer, Guitar
Performer, Composer, Producer, Mixer
Performer, Composer, Producer, Mixer

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Mykhaylo 31 by Ellinor Brandenberg