Mykhaylo Radio Red by Lisenka Kandel
Mykhaylo 31 by Ellinor Brandenberg
Mykhaylo 15 by Ellinor Brandenberg

I am a music producer based in Germany. I produces happy pop music with elements of hip hop and indie rock and I sell beats.


Mykhaylo Qualle by Lisenka Kandel
Mykhaylo Ferrari Blue by Lisenka Kandel

Fast Story

I am a Ukrainian-born Artist and Music Producer, based in Germany, Würzburg. My music sounds like heaven went nuts for a while to have a good bit of fun. 

My  sound makes you move your body and gently swing while taking pleasant sip of fine wine, or go crazy – you decide.

I make pop. At the same time, my music includes elements of Hip Hop and indie rock. Some 80s synths are there too to accompany your fancy vibes.

My music aims to spread love, positivity and give you a good time. I wish you all the best!

Mykhaylo 45 by Ellinor Brandenberg
Mykhaylo 53 by Ellinor Brandenberg


Mixing and Mastering
Savanna Skean Paint Me Black, Save Me, Composed by Mykhaylo Aushev
Writing & Composing "Save me"
Co-writer, Singer, Guitar
Performer, Composer, Producer, Mixer
Performer, Composer, Producer, Mixer
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